PeaZip 6.0.2 free download

PeaZip 6.0.2

Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 7 Vista XP 32-bit 64-bit

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PeaZip is one of the most versatile portable archiving and compression utilities out there. Being free and easy to use, it has been lauded by many computer users, making it a very popular utility with top downloads.

Great Features

PeaZip supports almost every compressed archive format that is available. These include 7zip, ARC, TAR, RAR, and the list goes on. The main features such as passwords, context menu integration, and command line usage are also robust and great. One of the bonuses of PeaZip is that it can open Mac HFS DMG files. This brings much cheer to users as most programs do not support these file types. The interface is simple and fuss free to operate with its drag and drop and context menu integration. Users are also impressed with the wide array of features such as strong encryption, encrypted password manager, saving backup scripts, two-factor authentication, and finding of duplicates. PeaZip definitely goes beyond the expectations of a free open-source program.

Stable and Secure

PeaZip is perfect for users who are concerned about security. It features compression ratio and high speed with security and stability. It relies on proven technologies like 7zip and other state of art projects, providing a unified GUI for both Linux and Windows. PeaZip also supports multiple languages that include Russian, Japanese, German, and Portuguese. As portable software, it offers users convenience and flexibility when installing the software. There is a full automatic installer and uninstaller; it works without the need to be installed or uninstalled. If you seek a single open-source utility to handle all kinds of archives that you wish to receive or download, PeaZip is the best choice. It is an all-in-one tool to backup and compress your files with the option of strong encryption.

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